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July 24, 2010 / R

15 July, no kidding

I’ve fallen way behind on most of the things I do for fun this month because I haven’t been well. My current workplace is in an old building, a very cramped room with no ventilation. Only a couple of the windows even open, and those only an inch or so. Half the office has been on holiday, leaving a massive and high-turnover workload for the rest, and rumors of downsizing and a shock redundancy have them all hanging about clucking over the same scraps of rumor over and over and over…

And they all wear perfume. Lots and lots of perfume. Which layers and lays in the unventilated room like old bathwater. My asthmatic lungs are struggling badly. I tried asking, nicely and apologetically, describing the nasty, escalating feeling of drowning, and, nada. They still wear it in the office, still spray it all over the bathroom and break room. I talked to the manager, and her sole allowable solution has been to send out a mass email, nicely asking them to please maybe consider the fact they’re exacerbating a possibly fatal condition. Same (lack of) effect, except that the guys are now making jokes about me.

After all, she tells me, I have to realise people might have some medical condition that requires they wear perfume that they’re too embarrassed to bring up. And I should keep working there, because if I leave, I might just end up in another perfumed office, and isn’t it better to stay in this one?

Other people’s logic is often beyond my limited mind’s grasp.


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